PSN Consultancy

PSN – Public Services Network Consultancy.

PSNThe PSN was created to promote a standard delivery and pricing approach for all Government IT services. Local and Central Government departments should be able to procure ICT services using the PSN Framework rather than have to go through the process of tendering via the ”Official Journal of the European Union” (OJEU).

However a lot of people struggle to understand the PSN and how it can be used to form a major part of their ICT Strategy. Many people both in the Service Provider and Government department spaces struggle to understand the PSN “Big Picture” which impacts the quality of the ITTs and subsequent bid submissions.

How we can help you:

We have the knowledge and skills to understand your ICT environment and can work with your procurement teams to form a comprehensive set of clear requirements which will help Service Providers deliver a quality bid response.

PSN Compliance is mandatory if you are connecting to the PSN. If you don’t yet have PSN Compliance for your organisation, we can help you here as well. We can assess your ICT infrastructure, Identify the risks, build a risk treatment plan and help ensure you can satisfy the PSN Code of Connection and PSN Compliance requirements.

Using your own Gateway to connect between your Private PSN Domains and the wider PSN.

PSN Connectivity and PSN Gateway

PSN Communication between different organisations at IL2 and IL3


Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access Solutions.

  • Secure Remote Access to your systems as if you were in the Office.
  • Design and Delivery of Secure Remote Access Solutions for IL2 and IL3 environments using CPA or CAPs assured products.
  • Making sure your users are authenticated using Strong Two Factor authentication.
  • Making sure you can still maintain the security of your environment even if one of your employees loses or has their laptop stolen.
  • Making sure you only let remote users connect if their Laptops have up to date OS and Anti-Virus updates installed.


Secure Gateway Design

Secure Gateway Design.

  • Design and Delivery of Secure Gateway Services for IL2 and IL3 environments which conform to HMG IA Guidelines such as GPG8, GPG10 and GPG13.
  • Gateways can support a number of different Business functions such as Remote Access, Internet Access, B2B, Email Relay and PSN Connectivity.
  • Gateways can Include Firewall Protection, Content Inspection, Day 0 protection, Intrusion Protection and GPG13 Protective Monitoring.

secure gateway 2

Wide Area Network Design for IL2, IL3 and IL4

Wide Area Network Design for IL2, IL3 and IL4

Your business is critical and relies upon the reliable operation of your existing or new Wide Area network and its ability to protect the Integrity and Confidentiality of your business services.  Also critical locations such as Data Centres needs to be highly reliable so that they can maintain access to your business services even if a major failure occurs on the Wide Area Network.  We can design your Wide Area Network to meet your exact requirements.

We recognise that businesses differ in size and budget. We can help you decide a Strategy and design an appropriate Wide Area Network to meet the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability needs of your Enterprise.

Every Public Sector Wide Area Network has to conform to PSN standards. We can advise how your WAN service can conform to PSN Security Standards so you can reach or maintain your PSN Compliance status.

In summary we can:

  • Design and deliver a Wide Area Network based on CESG Product Assured (CPA) products such as Cisco which are able to encrypt and protect your business Data Traversing a Network to IL3 PSN Standards
  • Design and deliver a WAN using CESG Assured Products (CAPs) using products such as Ultra AEP which are able to protect your data to Baseline (IL3) or Enhanced (IL4) standards.
  • Use any Service Providers underlying Access circuits such as BT or Virgin Media – Vendor agnostic.
  • Build in various levels of reliability and availability. For example your network can self-heal itself and work around any failures automatically.
  • Help you transition from your legacy to new Network Infrastructures with minimum risk and disruption.
  • Plan the transition approach and test to ensure it performs as expected and can be supported after Acceptance into Service.
  • Be the interface between your ICT teams and Service Providers.

WAN Encryption using CPA Products.

WAN encryption using CPA

WAN Encryption using Baseline or Enhanced Products.

WAN enc using CAPs Products

LAN and Data Centre Infrastructure Design

LAN and Data Centre Infrastructure Design.

  • We can design Resilient Local Area Network Solutions to cater for Small, Medium or Large Campus Type locations.
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Design. Power Planning, Rack Design.
  • Design of Out of Band Management Solutions which allow you to securely manage and Access your “Flex Pods”, Storage, Firewall Clusters and other Systems.
  • IP Address Planning.
  • Radius/TACACS AAA Systems Configuration.
  • Data Centre Design including Server Integration, Firewalls, Intrusion Protection, Protective Monitoring, Mail Relay and SFTP Systems.

dc physi

Procurement Support

Procurement Support.

  • We can play a key part of your Procurement team working with you across all aspects of your procurement from:
  • Initial Concept
  • Supplier liaison
  • Solution Design,
  • ITPD, ITT, BAFO Production
  • Actual delivery and Acceptance into Service.
  • We can help you form your ICT Strategy for continued Growth and expansion of your Operations.

Procurement Support

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