Security Architecture Design

In this age of vulnerabilities, exploits and compromised web sites being announced on a daily basis, it has never been so important to ensure all your IT infrastructure is designed to be as secure as possible. The trick is making sure your costs to implement additional security are much less than the risk of not implementing them in the first place.

Very often CLAS Security Consultants are excellent with Information Assurance and Security Processes but do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the intricacies’ and limits of your underlying IT infrastructure. This can lead to unrealistic, misunderstood and very expensive security controls being applied to your IT infrastructure.

We have the knowledge and experience to fully understand your IT infrastructure and can bridge the gap between your ICT Team and your Security CLAS consultants. We can help ensure you only implement necessary Security Controls that address the actual business risks in a cost effective fashion. Together we can ensure the Security Controls deployed make sense for your Security Consultants, IT departments and most important – your Business

Security Architecture

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